We had a fun week reviewing our last four months of material and even got to go outside, since we have nice weather FINALLY!!!

This week each day we will be starting to have graduation practice with Mrs. Trish. They will take the last 20 or so minutes of each day to review and practice for graduation so they will be pros by the time is quickly approaches!

Monday – January Review: Our letters we reviewed today were Ii, Ss, Ww and Xx. Our shape was the star and numbers were 13 and 14. The things we completed today were our crazy hair color and cut, we practiced our phone numbers on our cell phones (paper! from last week), finished up some evaluations and rainbow wrote our numbers 1-20. Our start up activity was a 13/14 count and color 2-sided page.

Tuesday – February Review: Our letters we reviewed today were Dd, Hh, Ll and Vv. Our shape was the heart and numbers were 15 and 16. We also had a handful of students wear pink for the day! Some activities we did today included coloring, cutting and pasting together popsicles, colored and cut out 4 different sized hearts, and completed a graduation writing prompt of What I Want to Be When I grow up…. The students started the day practicing their names, phone numbers and addresses in their QKs. The book I read today was Tortoise vs. Hare The Rematch.

Wednesday – March Review: Our letters we reviewed today were Gg, Ee and Uu. Our shape was the diamond and numbers were 17 and 18. The items we completed today was a Rhyme Time cut/paste/color activity page, created different things with our magnetic tiles, practiced writing our numbers in QKs, and focused on our three finger grip by transferring pom poms back and forth with the mega tweezers. The students enjoyed start up today, which was picking out their own coloring page and sitting where they’d like. The book I read today was Yaks Yak and other animal word pairs.

Thursday – April Review: The letters we review today were Bb, Kk, Qq and Yy. Our shape was the octagon and numbers were 19 and 20. The students started the day by picking out a puzzle and working independently or together in a small group. We had a lowercase letter writing activity and the uppercase letter was given. I have all my posters down in my room, so the students had to do it from memory! We went over everything once we finished and students were able to write in the correct letter if they missed it. We also have had a few class pets that got released today! Our butterflies all hatched from their chrysalis’ and dried out and Mrs. Trish released them out by our playground and the kids all waved goodbye! The book I read today was Another Rumpus.

*Monday we are having Movie and Popcorn day, so please bring a water bottle!

We have one last week together and then graduation will be on Wednesday, May 25th.

The Afternoon class is at 2:00pm and students need to arrive at 1:15pm and the Morning class is at 6:00pm and students need to arrive at 5:15pm. The students will get dropped off like regular arrival to school. They will come into class and get their robes and hats on and get ready to go on stage! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have a great weekend! 🙂 Enjoy the nice weather!!!