Week of May 9th-12th

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During the month of May we are reviewing all shapes, colors, and numbers.

This Week we reviewed the letters from January, February, March, and April.


Dear Parents,

We had so much this week! Our caterpillars have turned into butterflies! They are beautiful and the kids really enjoyed watching them turn from caterpillars to butterflies. They have picked names to name them. They named them butter, chili, and bacon. We released them yesterday and all the kids waved to them as they found new homes.

This week we reviewed the months of January,  February,  March, and April. These letters are I, S, W, X, D, H, L, V, E, G, U, B, K, Q, and Y.

This week we worked on numbers 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. We also practiced counting to 50.

We started this week by doing a number 13 and 14 color, cut, and paste worksheet. Then we did a search and find number 17 page. While we worked on reviewing these letters and numbers we used stacker blocks to make the letter G and tangrams to make patterns. We then used our lacing cards to practice fine motor and our lacing blocks to make our own patterns.

Finally we practiced our addresses, phone numbers, last names, our parents names. Then we looked at books to locate the title of a book, find out where we start reading, (left or right side) and what does the author and illustrator do in the book.

We also colored different shaped hearts and cut them out. We did a creative writing paper for graduation, and we talked about what they want to be when they grow up. (I loved their responses)

We ended our week using pinchers to pinch pom poms, and bring them from one to bowl to another. Then we did a lollipop puzzle of matching our uppercase to lowercase, and we finished by using magnetic tiles to build.


Tuesday Movie Day with popcorn! 🍿

Thursday Last Day of School.


Mrs. Nichole

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