Hi Parents,

It was a short week but we still had a great time with the letter ‘Tt!’ Here’s a snap shot…

On turkey Tuesday in centers the kids counted feathers onto a turkey (they stuck them into a colander with a turkey body on them), they disguised a turkey by cutting out clothes and hair/hats and gluing them on, and they counted turkey feathers and clipped a clothes pin on the correct number at the bottom of the card. In the afternoon they ‘fed’ the turkey by putting pom poms in a jar with tweezers, they filled in a turkey mat with magnets, and they worked on a turkey color by number. We ended the day with a game called ‘turkey, turkey in the hay…’ They had to find where the turkey was hiding by saying the shape and color on the bail of hay. We loved Turkey Tuesday!!

On Wednesday our theme was transportation. In centers the kids parked cars in a parking lot by matching the number on the car to the number of dots on the parking spot, they cut out and colored triangles, and they sorted different vehicles on to land, water, or sky mats. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials and did spanish, sign language, math, and zoo phonics. After specials we had a little time to race cars down race tracks and play a board game called red light, green light. They requested to do both of these again a different day so I’ve kept them in the classroom for after Thanksgiving.

Our classroom is super clean and ready for a fresh start after the Holiday. I hope everyone has a chance to rest and get healthy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, see you all on the 30th!!

Take Care,