November has begun and we started the month of covering the letter Zz. The numbers we will cover this month include 8,9, and 10, our shape for the month is a rectangle and the color brown.

Monday we talked about the zoo and did different zoo activities in our centers. We started class with a zoo animal color page and then our centers included completing color (following directions) cut and paste animal patterns and created a retell story wheel from one of our zoo stories we read Good Night Gorilla. After completing the retell wheel we practiced retelling the story aloud as a class and spinning our completed wheels. The other zoo book I read was Put Me in the Zoo.

Tuesday was our wear animal or animal print clothes to school. We had lots of participation with the clothing today! At start up we practiced our names, which we do once or twice a week. Keeping with the zoo theme we had more zoo activities in centers. We had a cut, paste, color flamingo count, practiced tracing zoo animal names in a quick kit, created different zoo animals using tangrams, and figured out the beginning letter sounds of different zoo animals. We also started our Z is for zebra craft but had to finish on Wednesday when we ran out of time. The two zoo books today were The Underpants Zoo and Animal Fashion Parade.

Wednesday was our zebra day and had our centers have some zebra related activities in them. We had a zebra coloring page to start the day. Our centers were cutting out a four piece puzzle and pasting it into the correct spots to create a zebra, practiced writing our Zz’s, in QKs we traced Zz’s and had different lines to connect the uppercase to lowercase, and lastly we rolled a dice and counted that many chips out and then recounted them all back into the container when we switched. The books I read today were Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo and Animal Strike at the Zoo It’s True!.

Thursday was our zig zag day! We started zig zagging during big room time. The students had races on mini scooters while following the zig zag lines! We had Zz and zig zag centers by completing zigzag letter cards that had different uppercase and lowercase letter combinations, all about Zz page where students had different Zz things to complete and a Zz writing practice page. The books I read included My School is a Zoo and Curious George Visits a Zoo.

Now that the weather is starting to turn and get chilly, please dress your child for the cooler weather. Our classroom can be cool at times since we are located right next to an outside door. I do have a small heater in the room to get it nice and toasty, but having a sweater or zip up sweatshirt in your child’s bag may come in handy some days.

THINGS THAT CAN BE WORKED ON AT HOME: LETTER RECOGNITION, COUNTING (OBJECTS AND ROTE), HANDWRITING (NAMES, LETTERS, NUMBERS), CUTTING, and COLORING (INSIDE THE LINES). Working on these concepts at HOME and at school will get them prepared to succeed in mastering these concepts.

Next week we will cover the letter Nn and have some fun activities planned!

Please let me know if you have any questions

Have a great weekend! See everyone back on Monday!