Hi Parents,

We had a fun week talking about the letter ‘Ff.’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday in centers the kids jumped jumpy frogs onto a lily pad with the matching number to the one they spun, they drew a frog with their crayons, and they stamped their names on lily pads. On Tuesday afternoon the kids rolled dice and ‘fed the frog’ that many bugs. They also worked on writing their letters and finished their lily pads from centers. We read the book “This Is Frog,” which is a really fun book!

On Wednesday in centers the kids ‘picked berries’ (counted pom poms) with tweezers and put them in baskets, they made farm fence patterns with colored Popsicle sticks, and they did a creative writing paper about what was ‘in their barn.’ They had to draw the animal in the barn and also write the name of the animal at the bottom of the page. On Wednesday afternoon we had specials again so each class learned Spanish, science, sign language, and zoo phonics. After specials we did a listening activity where the kids had to listen to directions and color a farm picture. It was a busy day!

On Thursday in centers the kids did some fall graphing, made a leaf by poking holes with a push pin, matched squirrels and acorns with upper and lowercase letters on them, and made leaves with scribble plates and then cut them out. Those were tricky leaves to cut out, you should be so proud of the leaves they brought home! We read the book, “My Tree And Me.” It’s a great book about the seasons. On Thursday afternoon the kids put together fall puzzles, put erasers on fall pictures, and wrote their names/drew a picture of themselves at the pumpkin patch.

We also did art Thursday afternoon. The kids finger painted the seasons. They turned out great! We’ll finish those up next week.

Next week we will talk about the letter ‘Rr.’ Don’t forget that Thursday is our field trip to the pumpkin patch!

Take Care,