Hello! What a beautiful day for the pumpkin patch! I hope you all were able to come and pick a pumpkin, take a slide down the hill, and enjoy some donuts! It was a perfect Fall day with my favorite preschoolers!

This week we focused on F for Farm and P for Pumpkin!

Mon/Tuesday we read the book The Cow that Laid an Egg and did a Farm following Directions project. The kids listened to a poem and colored the objects on their paper as they heard them.

For our class centers we painted our hands to form a cow (they are hanging in our big room-so cute!), string beads on a pipe cleaner, colored our monthly nursery rhyme, made a farm scene on a felt board, played with farm toys.

Wed/Thursday was all about the Letter P! We read the Legend of Spookly the Square Pumpkin, and made our own square pumpkin which is hanging in the hall.  We wore our Pajamas and ate Popcorn!

In our class centers we colored our P ABC page, made squares out of rubber bands, shaped Play doh on the letter P, Used dice to count Pom Poms with tweezers, matched ABC magnets on the white board.

We are still trying to get outside when the weather permits so a coat or sweatshirt is nice since it’s a little cooler, if possible please label them so they don’t get mixed up!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I can’t wait to hear about the pumpkin patch from the kids on Monday/Tuesday!! I would love it if they made a picture of their favorite part and brought it in to share!!!
Mrs. Kristina