This week at ABC we worked on the letter Pp. We did activities with pumpkins and pizza! Some of the centers we had this week were: tracing the letters Pp & reviewing Ff, colored shapes inside a pig and graphed our results, colored the right amount of pumpkins by the number given, colored and cut pumpkins to continue the pattern given, colored cut and glued pizzas with the correct count and also completed our original works! We also made our own square pumpkins on Thursday to go along with the movie.

The original works will be coming home on Tuesday and you will have the information about getting your child’s work printed onto lots of different items! We made handprints and I turned them into Horton elephants, who is a Dr. Seuss character, since my class theme is Dr. Seuss! I hope you all enjoy them!

The books we read this week were: Peppa Pig- The Pumpkin Contest; Pumpkin Day!; How to Eat Pizza (the kids really enjoyed this one!); Duck, Duck, Dinosaur Perfect Pumpkin; and Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

Thursday we enjoyed watching Spookley the Square Pumpkin in our pajamas and having a snack to go with which was mentioned on the calendar that was sent home at the beginning of the month.

The weather is starting to change, make sure your child is wearing or bringing a jacket with to school. If it is decent outside we may go out some days and want the children prepared.

Again, please practice at home uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, numbers 0-7 is what we have covered in class so far, proper 3 finger grip and writing their name.

*Have your child tell me the secret code on Tuesday for a treat: HOOT! (we will be covering letter O and owls/octagons on Tues!)

As always, please feel free to email if you have any questions!