Hello! I hope your kids came home with lots of info from the Police Department! We all really enjoyed our visit with them this week!

This week we focused on the letter O and the number 2..

On Monday/Tuesday we read a book about Police Officers to prepare for their visit- Police- Helping, Saving, Working. We made an owl for the letter O.

In our centers we Colored our O ABC page, linked chains together, Found and colored in the Letter O, practiced cutting, and placed orange paper on the letter O.

Wed/Thursday we had our visit from the Police and learned about their tools, and how they are used to keep us safe. (Thursday they even brought K-9 Match to show!) The Officers did a great job and we are so grateful for the time they took out to come see us! We had some time to practice writing our names too!

In our centers we used tiny peg boards for fine motor skills, sorted jewels in piles of 2, Did a #2 worksheet, by squeezing sponges we transferred water from one bowl to another, used magnets on the white board to count to 2.

It was a fun week in preschool! Next week is our Halloween Parties and I know the kids are so excited for them!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina