Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter O! Here is a snap shot…

In centers we made shapes with popsicle sticks, we looked at 4 very similar owls and marked with a clothes pin which one was different, and we put beads on octopus legs (pipe cleaners) that had numbers above to tell how many. We also, did graphing with fall erasers, matched upper and lower case letters, and made an octopus out of the letter O. (These weren’t finished, so we will do that next week!)

We talked a lot about opposites this week, I think they are getting the hang of it!

In art we sponge painted an owl. We will finish these next week with some paper eyes and feathers for the wings.

We didn’t have specials this week but we sure loved hearing from our local police officers! The first day officer Nick talked to us, then the 2nd day 3 officers were bringing their police dog, so we sat in for that talk too. The kids loved it and were able to pet the dog at the end (if they wanted). It was really fun!

We also did our obstacle course on Thursday. We try to be outside as much as we can and the weather was perfect to be jumping and running. We surprised them with the parachute while we were outside too. We put a beach ball in the middle to see how many times they could bounce it before it came off. The wind wasn’t cooperating but the kids had a blast!

I’m looking forward to talking about the letter R next week and especially for our Harvest Party on Wednesday. The kids are really excited to dress up. I’ll try to send a few pictures via email.

Take Care,