This week in class we were talking about the letter Oo and did various activities with items that begin with the letter Oo!

Some of our centers included: octagon tracing and drawing, connecting opposites to each other, color-cut-and glued opposites, reviewed our previous two letters Ff and Pp, worked on part of our craft which was cutting our octopus legs and a letter Oo trace and draw page. Again, if you don’t see items mentioned coming home it is because we do the items here with dry-erase markers in quick kits for less paper being used.

Our craft this week, we made octopuses which the kids completed themselves and I have them hanging in the hallway! They cut the legs, made and glued on their eyeballs, and the trickiest part was curling the tentacles with a pencil, which after watching myself and our assistant they did a great job independently doing!

The books I read to the class this week were: Please Try to Remember the First of Octember, You Are (Not) Small, Tickly Octopus, Little Owl’s Night, and I Want to be a Police Officer.

Thursday we had a few visitors come to school! We had 3 St. John Police Officers come by and talk to the classes. The K9 Match also got to come in and the kids really enjoyed seeing him. The Police Officers gave the students goodie bags to take home and their own badges, some had them on when you picked them up possibly!

There were a bunch that participated in the opposite day on Wednesday and had clothes inside out or backwards! Thursday was wear orange day and again lots of participation in the entire school.

Next week we will be talking about the letter Rr and on Thursday we will be having our Harvest Parties. Mrs. Trish had sent out information regarding students being allowed to wear costumes to school and our parties which will be held in our classes to limit interaction with others. We will be having a snack and playing a few games in our class along with getting some candy on a little parade through out trunk or treat that will be set up (weather permitting).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, extra work at home with letters, numbers, proper grip with a pencil and cutting are always a PLUS!