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Numbers and Letters:


F, O, P,R

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:



Tues: Octagons and Owls

Today we started out our day by reading “Owl moon.” This is such a great story! Then we colored octagons and practiced our cutting by cutting them out! Our cutting is getting so much better! Then we made purple owls by painting our hands. They turned out so cute! We then practiced making octagons in salt, practiced writing letter o’s, making simple and advanced patterns with falls things, and making the letter o with floam.

Wed: Opposites

Today we started out our day by reading the book “Opposites.” We have learned so many things that are opposite! Then during art with finished our owls by gluing the eyes and beak on our owls and then used water color on white paper to see our names magically appear with the paint. We then did a measurement comparison of short and longer, made letter O’s with torn paper, practiced our opposites with a opposite puzzle, and then color-cut-paste letter O. What a fun day!

Thurs: Wear orange and obstacle courses.

Today we started our day out by reading “Police Officers.” Then we had fun in big room doing obstacle courses! This was so much fun! Then the police officers came to visit us; we got a sticker and a goodie bag!  The officers talked about their uniforms, such as a flashlight to guide traffic or a flash light to help them see in the dark. Then they brought in their K-9 dog! He was so sweet! The officers talked about his job and the kids got to pet the K-9 dog! The kids loved the dog! 


My “O” Book

Owl Moon

Eric Carle’s Opposites.

Richard Scarry’s Shapes and Opposites


Police Officers

Fly Guy Presents Police Officers


Lots of Prayers                             John 4:24

Too Many Problems                   Psalm 46:1

Add Goodness                             2 Peter 1:5


Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tuesday! We will be learning about the letter r, and rainbows. We are also having relay races and celebrating our harvest party.

Reminder: Thursday is our harvest party. Don’t forget your costumes!

Homework: Complete name books and turn in on Tues for a special prize.


Mrs. Nichole