Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter ‘Pp.’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday in centers the kids counted toppings from recipe cards to make felt pizzas, they glued pizza toppings into patterns on a plate, and they colored pizza shapes. They also picked letters out of a sensory bin and traced them on a sheet in front of them. In the afternoon the kids used tweezers to count pumpkins onto spider web plates, matched upper and lowercase letters, and cut and glued a worksheet about the letter P.

On Wednesday we had our party! The kids had a blast playing the games, decorating their bags, playing with play dough, and trick or treating. In the afternoon we did fun centers including rolling a dice and counting candy corn teeth on a monster, making silly sticker faces, making letters with candy corn (wooden), and doing a pumpkin and seed upper and lowercase letter match. We also decorated our small pumpkins with sticker faces. It was a really fun festive day!

On Thursday we had a great day in our pajamas. In centers the kids spun a spinner and counted that many spiders onto a stick, cut out the face of a pumpkin and glued it together, picked out popcorn letters and traced them, and matched letters on a pumpkin patch page. In the afternoon we watched Spookly and had popcorn. It’s such a fun movie! We also managed to squeeze in art before the movie. The kids glued pieces of paper over a pumpkin shape to make a colorful pumpkin. They turned out great.

Next week is a new month already. Time is flying by! We will be talking about the letter ‘Nn.’ Can’t wait!

Take Care,