Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom


This week, we focused on the letter R & had our Harvest Party!


Books we read:


Dear God, Why Did You Put the Rainbow in the Sky?

Walter’s Wonderful Web




We colored a letter R red for our ABC page

We matched ripped paper to the colors of the rainbow to form a rainbow picture

We used a salt tray to write shapes, letters, etc., to reveal a rainbow underneath

We made a robot out of legos

We worked on patterning

We used play doh & Halloween cookie cutters to make fun shapes

We navigated through a “spider web” to use our fine motor skills to fetch spiders

We sorted Halloween erasers

We threaded spiders on a post

We played an “eyeball” relay-holding a ping pong ball (eyeball) on a spoon and trying not to drop it


**Special things this week**


We did a walking rainbow experiment.  We put red, yellow, & blue water in 3 jars, leaving one empty jar in between colors. Then we placed dry paper towels in each.  We watched the paper towels absorb the colors, and eventually mix the red & yellow to make orange, the yellow and blue to make green, and the blue and red to make purple. It was really fun to watch our rainbow form throughout the week!

On Wednesday & Thursday, we had our Harvest parties!  We did the fun Halloween themed centers mentioned above, had a blast doing “Trunk or Treat”, had a snack, and decorated our own little pumpkins. I loved seeing the kids all dressed up…they looked adorable!

Remember, there is no school on November 2 & 3 next week.  We are on Fall Break!


Until Next Week,


Mrs. Kelli