This week we worked with recognizing the letter Oo. We talked about the sound it makes and words that begin with the letter Oo. The things that we worked on this week are opposites, obstacle course, owls, and octagons.

On Tuesday, we talked and did activities on opposites. During circle time, we read the book Opposites and I’m (NOT) Small, I’m Big. During centers, we put together tanagram puzzles, punched holes with hole punchers for fine motor practice, strung rubber bands on Geo-boards, did patterning with linking chains, circled the opposites on a worksheet in quick kits, and practiced cutting. We also had our picture day!!! The kids did great!!! I can not wait to see all of their pictures.

On Wednesday, we worked with the letter Oo. During circle time, we read the book Olivia’s Lemonade Stand. During centers, we linked the amount of linking chains the pumpkin stated, we practiced more cutting, traced/wrote the letter Oo, and we made Oo out of playdoh.  Today we started our specials. For 15 minutes each Wednesday, we go to each all day teacher’s classes and learn different things. In my class, we will be doing math and science activities. This week in my class, we put numbers 1-20 in order and counted to 100. In Mrs. Missy’s class, we will be learning Spanish. In Mrs. Leslie’s class, we will be learning sign language. In Mrs. Amanda’s class, we will be learning more literacy and our letters.  We also got to go through an obstacle course in the big room. We had so much fun!!!!

On Thursday, we did activities with owls and octagons. During center time, we read Little Owl’s Day and Brave Little Owl. During centers, we made Oo with shapes, cut and worked on the letter Oo page, owl ABC matching, covered up owls with magnets, and cut out octagons. During big room time, we got to play Duck, Duck, Goose!!! 

Please keep working on name writing and cutting at home. I am seeing improvements already from the kids. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi