Week of Oct. 4th- 7th

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Numbers and Letters:

F, R, O, P


Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:


Mon: Rainbow Fish

  • Today we Rainbow fish using paint markers.
  • We then did a rainbow fish writing and coloring project.
  • Then we did a rainbow fish cutting.
  • Finally we cut a d pasted a fish counting activity.

Tues: Running Relay Races

  • Today we ran relay races in bog room!
  • We then worked on a special project that will be going home.
  • Then we wrote pur ABC in rice.
  • Finally we worked on our shapes.

Wed: Picture Day and Rectangles

  • Today we worked on rectangles!
  • We colored rectangles and cut them out.
  • Then we took our school pictures today.
  • Finally we played a shape bingo game.

Thurs: Rainbows

  • Today ripped paper and made rainbows.
  • We then had a rain experiment in class
  • Then we rainbow wrote letter R.
  • Finally we had fun using rainbow rice.


  • Rufferella
  • Rappy the Raptor
  • My “R” Book
  • Mixed, A Colorful Story


  • Even the Birds Psalm 150:6
  • Be led by the spirit Romans 8:14
  • Without Wings 1 Thessalonians 4:17
  • All the Same Galatians 3:28

Homework: Bring in something you made that start with letter R. Example would be a rainbow or rocket.


Mrs. Nichole

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