Hi Parents,

We had a great week learning about the letter ‘Oo!’ Here’s a snap shot…

Here’s what they did in centers…

On Tuesday the kids rolled dice and wrote the numbers, played an opposites game, and matched opposite cards. In the afternoon they used play dough to make letters, made shapes with geo boards (boards with pegs) using rubber bands, and they emptied and filled small and large cups with water beads.

On Wednesday the kids put beads on the tentacles (pipe cleaners) of an O Octopus, made shapes with Duplo blocks, and made letters with pop-its. In the afternoon on Wednesday we had specials. This is where each class rotates through all 4 classrooms for 15 minutes with each teacher. Mrs. Amanda is teaching zoo phonics, Mrs. Leslie is teaching sign language, Mrs. Brandi is teaching science and math, and I’m teaching Spanish. This is something they will do once a week. The kids love it!

On Thursday the kids stuck paper clips to magnets on popsicle sticks with numbers, they traced, colored and cut out octagons, and looked at cards with 4 owls on them and used a clothes pin to clip the owl that was different. In the afternoon they used magnets on owl pictures, used snap cubes to make numbers, and made an octagon monster. The monsters still need to be finished and will be sent home next week hopefully!

In art the kids decorated an owl using only colored squares, then they glued feathers for the wings. They turned out so cute!

We read several books including “This Is Owl” and they learned an opposites song.

Next week we will talk about the letter ‘Ff.’ Can’t wait!

Take Care,