Hi Parents, we had a great week learning about the letter F! Here’s a snap shot…

In centers the kids practiced writing the upper and lowercase Ff, they ‘fed’ the farm animals by counting them and putting them into the fenced area, and they matched upper and lowercase letters on tractor wheels. They also, sorted farm and zoo animals, stamped their names onto lily pads, and they drew a frog.

We read several books including, ‘This Is Frog,’ ‘On The Farm With Grover,’ and ‘Pasture Bedtime.’

In art we made our hand prints into a horse and also worked on our Original works, which you will get to see next week!

On Wednesday we started specials! Each class rotates to each all day teacher for a 15 minute lesson. Mrs. Luz teaches Spanish, Mrs. Leslie teaches math, Mrs. Amanda teaches phonics, and I teach science. Ask you kids what they learned! We will be doing specials every Wednesday afternoon from here on out.

Looking forward to talking about the letter P next week!!

Take Care,


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