Hello families!

Our focus for the month of October will be:

Letters F, P, O, and R

Numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7




This week was the letter F. We had so much fun “down on the ABC farm”. We made handprint farm animals, used corn to graph and count, and used popsicle sticks to make fence patterns. The kids also practiced writing the letter F and picking out pictures that start with the F sound!

Thursday was our Froggy fun day! All of our centers were based around frogs and I did a one on one frog directional drawing. Wait until you see how awesome those turned out !!!

You can also talk with your little out about starting Specials this week. Its an amazing chance for us teachers to have a part in teaching kids from the other classrooms. Each all day class gets to spend time with the other All Day teachers for about 10-15 mins. We each chose a speciality to focus on while the kiddos are with us. We have Math, Phonics, Spanish, and Science.