Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page!

Numbers and Letters:

A and M


Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:

Circle and oval

Mon: Making Monsters

  • Monster handprints
  • Monster roll a dice and color that number.
  • Making letter M with monkey string.
  • Placing beads on pipe cleaners in foam
  • Counting monsters and giving them eyes.

Tues: Give a Moose a Muffin

  • We ate muffins today, yum!
  • Did a moose mix up of our story and put the story in order
  • Finished our monster handprints
  • Shaving cream names
  • I would give a moose a muffin writing page.
  • Muffin counting in a muffin pan

Wed: Making Marvelous Moons

  • Making moons out of shaving cream and glue.
  • Abc matching with stars
  • Space counting
  • Cutting strips
  • Writing our names and coloring page

Thurs: Learning about manners

  • Talking about good and bad manners
  • Shape bingo
  • Playdoh Shapes with toothpicks
  • Color, cut, paste letter M


  • Red: A crayons story
  • If you give a moose a muffin
  • Mind your manners in school
  • Forget Their Manners


  • Even at Night, Psalm 16:7
  • It is Good, Genesis 1:31
  • Friends forever, Romans 8:39

Please practice the letters in your name for homework.


Mrs. Nichole