This week we had APPLE activities all week long! We had various centers, crafts, and even apple taste testing on Thursday. Of course, I think Thursday was the favorite of all having a little snack and sampling the 3 different kinds of apples I brought in!

Monday! We completed a sequencing cut and paste apple page, colored the apples of the letters that appear in their names, completed our September writing/coloring sample and lastly used the jumbo tweezers to place the number of apples (red and green pom-poms) they rolled on the dice onto the empty trees. (Jumbo tweezers are GREAT for fine motor and training their hands for the 3 finger grasp-Dollar Tree has them!!!) The books we had were: Let’s Go Apple Picking, The Apple Pie Tree, and Ant’s Day Off. We also started class with tracing and writing our first names.

Tuesday! Today we practiced tracing circles and ovals, counting and coloring the correct number of apple seeds given, and putting apples on top using bingo dabbers that went along with one of our books, 10 Apples Up on Top. The other two books we had were 10 Red Apples and Little Red Riding Hood. Our start up for the day was coloring the letter A in the scramble.

Wednesday! We completed a color, cut, and paste life cycle of an apple page. Art is also on Wednesdays and we created caramel apples! Even though they are made out of paper, they still look good! We sometimes complete crafts in the class, but Wednesdays are our designated day we use the art tables if we need to more to complete the craft. They also worked again on their first names at start up!

Thursday! We had lots of students participate in wearing RED for the day! The students completed a apple color page using uppercase A and lowercase a. After coloring all the apples, we counted how many there were and answered the question at the bottom of how many apples were in the pyramid. The book we read today was Red-A Crayon’s Story. At start up I had a selection of books laid out for the students to look at until class began. Thursdays are also our extra big room/outside time, this is really the only day that we will be getting extra “play” time. The 2.5 hrs goes quickly and I try to use every minute with them that I can! We also got to sample and test 3 different flavors of apples: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Crimson Crisp. Each student got to tell their favorite of the 3 kinds and we made a class bar graph with the data. We will be graphing in a few weeks and wanted them to get a sneak peak!

Next week is our last week of September already and with 1 month almost in I can see that our fine motor skills are what we need to work on the most! AT HOME you can have your child practice WRITING their name and also reciting the letters in their name, COLORING, and CUTTING. Even if it is just cutting up the junk mail or drawing or coloring on it, its practice and that will help!!!

Next week we will begin working on our Original Works that will be coming home in October (more info will be coming home about this). We also will be finishing up our beginning of the year evaluations.

If anyone would have questions, please feel free to email me at and I will get back to you ASAP! Have a great weekend! See everyone back on Monday!








**EXTRA** For a special treat on Monday, have your child bring in a circle AND square that they cut out at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s scrap paper or whatever color you have. Also you can draw the shape on the paper, but allow them to cut!!!