Hello! We had a great week! We worked on the letter A a lot this week. The weather was great so we were able to get outside too!
On Mon/Tue we read Under the Apple Tree and tasted apples. We also made apple prints and saw where the seeds of the apple hide in the core.

In our centers we- Practiced our patterning with different color apples, Used a play doh mat with playdoh to see how one apple would look, Outlined an A with apples, used Fanta boards (like a Lite Brite that doesn’t light up and has bigger pegs),  Colored our A page.

On Wed/Thur we continued with the Letter A. We made an apple craft which includes cutting, gluing, and putting the letters of our name in order. This craft will be hung in the hallway at school. The kids did a great job with the scissors and were happy with the work they did! We read the story Little Red Riding Hood.

In our centers we- Found the letter A and marked with bingo markers, shape matching with clothespins, Put apple stickers on the A, Matched ABC magnets, placed circular discs on the A.

One of our goals in preschool is to work on Fine Motor Skills- which will help the kids when it comes to holding a pencil and writing. Several of the things we do center around this concept! You can help at home with this too! Some ideas are coloring with crayons, markers, paints, chalk etc, stringing beads, small peg boards, tearing paper, and putting stickers on crafts. The kids love these things and they are learning at the same time!
I hope you all have a great weekend! See you next week!

Mrs. Kristina