This week at school we talked about apples and did lots of activities dealing with apples!

Some of the books we read this week included: Johnny Appleseed, Little Red Hot, Ten Apples Up on Top, Red-A Crayon’s Story, Apple Trouble!, and Under the Apple Tree.

A few things that came home this week were a color by number with Johnny Appleseed, Name books, If I were Johnny Appleseed my name would be…, Say It, Build It, Spell It name sheet with stickers the students used to complete their name, Apple letters in my name, and Aa letter tracing!

Other items we did in class were a crayon name puzzle (we will keep at school for a bit to practice spelling our names), Apple sequencing color, cut, and paste, Apple punch cards, and using some play-doh to make worms in apples on mats. We made (paper) caramel apples and these turned out so cute that I am going to keep them and display them on the wall outside of class for a bit before I send them home!

Things you can work on at home with child throughout the year: proper holding of a pencil/crayon (three finger grip), letter recognition of upper and lowercase, number recognition 0-10 and as the year progresses we will work to 20+, lastly would be allowing them to cut with scissors at home. Instead of wasting computer paper for them to practice with, have them cut up junk mail or draw lines and/or shapes for them to cut out on the junk mail.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me! Next week we will be having mini muffins as a treat to go with a story we will be reading!