Our last week of the month and we reviewed our letters Aa and Mm, along with our numbers 0,1,2,3 and shapes oval and circle. Next month we will start covering a letter a week. Now that the students have a month under their belts and understand how our centers work and the schedule is, we will be able to get as much as we can accomplished in the 2.5 hrs they are in school.

Monday our theme was Awesome Airplanes! A few of the things we completed were an airplane upper/lowercase letter match, airplane line tracing, tracing our hands and practice writing our names, and subitizing to five.  We also had an airplane at start up to color and also cut it out to practice our scissor skills. Books that we read were: Just a Mess, Edward Gets Messy, and The Any Bully.

Tuesday our theme was Alligators! Some items we did in class were: locating and coloring all the Aa’s on the page, traced circles and ovals in QK, made an uppercase A look like an alligator and practiced writing Aa’s. The books that we read were: Croc & Ally Friends Forever and Croc & Ally Fun, Fun, Fun!

Wednesday our theme was Ants! We had lots of cutting and pasting fun today creating an ant scene. Students had to cut out numerous shapes and parts of the ant scene and we finished them off on Thursday with our assistant adding in some purple pipecleaners as their antenna. The student’s work is on display in the big room currently! The books we read were: I Saw an Ant in the Parking Lot, 100 Hungry Ants, and The Ants Go Marching.

Thursday was Show and Share Favorite Animal Day! Students enjoyed coming to the front of the class and showing off their beloved critter! We finished the week reviewing our letters for the month Aa and Mm. They completed writing practice of both letters, Mm letter search and coloring all the Mms, colored an Aa is for Ant page, and also did various cuts following the ant to the ant hill. The book we read was Supersized Animals.

Throughout the week we tried to complete a few more beginning of the year evaluation items. I try to incorporate these into my centers as best as I can with myself and my assistant. We have a few left we will hopefully finish up the first 2 week of October!

Suggestions of what to work on at home: SCISSOR/CUTTING skills, COLORING inside the lines, 3 FINGER GRIP on writing/coloring, and WRITING their first name. FINE MOTOR skills are huge and working on those daily will improve the more you work on them.

Please let me know if you have questions of what your child could work on at home. I will be contacting some of you in the next week or two if you signed up for donating or volunteering for our Harvest Party that will be approaching at the end of October.

*PICTURE DAY is Wednesday, Oct. 6th! We will not be doing any painting or messing centers/crafts this day, no worries!

Have a great weekend and I will see everyone in October!