Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page!

Numbers and Letters:

A and M


Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:

Circle and oval

Mon: Awesome Airplanes

  • Today we made airplanes out of popsicles sticks.
  • We then made airplanes out of pattern blocks.
  • Then we did a cloud counting activity.
  • Finally we learned about opposites and directions.

Tues: Alligator Alligator eat them up!

  • Today we made hand print alligators.
  • We then did a Alligator math game.
  • Then we traced our hands and colored a picture of ourselves.
  • Finally we did a following the direction shape drawing activity.

Wed: Ants go Marching

  • Today we made ants out of construction paper.
  • We then did a color game.
  • Then we did a color by shape activity.
  • Finally we colored and cut letter a watches.

Thurs: Bring your favorite animal to school

  • Today we brought our favorite animal to school for show n’ share.
  • We made shapes with rubber bands and boards.
  • We wrote about our favorite animal and colored a picture of that animal.
  • Then we cut and pastes animals.


  • Alligator in the Bathtub
  • Please is a good word to say
  • My “a” book
  • If animals said I love you


  • Branches with Fruit John 15:5
  • Treasures in Heaven Matthew 6:20
  • You’re in Charge Psalm 8:6
  • You Are Priceless! Isaiah 43:4

Please practice the letters in your name, cutting play doh for homework.


Mrs. Nichole