Week of Sept. 28th-Oct.2nd

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Numbers and Letters:


A, M, F, O, P,R

Colors this Week:

Red & Orange

Shape of the Week:

Circle, Oval, and Square


Tues: Johnny Appleseed

  • Today we learned all about Johnny Appleseed! We learned that Johnny Appleseed planted apple seeds all across the U.S.! Then we practiced writing “If I were Johnny Appleseed my name would be?” ( some of the kids chose dinosaur, rainbow, and unicorn) We then practiced counting with apples and pom poms. Finally we worked our names in 10 frames and practice cutting circles today! 

Wed: Marvelous Moon

  • Today we started out our day by reading the story “There was an old astronaut who swallowed the moon.” Then we painted moons and stars! (This was so much fun, we made moons using shaving cream and glue) We then did moon shapes using white play-doh and toothpicks, moon letters with moon sand, pom pom counting, and letter m sorting. We had so much fun today!

Thurs: Muffins & Manners

  • Today we started our day out by reading “If you give a moose a muffin.” the kids really had fun guessing what would come next. Then we got to eat muffins while we were in big room today! We then practiced counting with clip cards, put the story “if you give a moose a muffin” in sequence order, practiced lacing, and write what we would give a moose. (Everyone picked muffin) Finally we learned about being polite, including talking about manners, and when to say Please and Thank you.


  • Johnny Appleseed
  • The Biggest Apple Ever!
  • Bad Apple
  • There was an old Astronaut who swallowed the moon
  • Minnie and the Moo; go to the moon!
  • If you give a moose a muffin
  • Red Truck
  • Terrible, Awful, Horrible manners
  • Please, Thank you


  • Sept. 29: You’re in Charge              Psalm 8:6
  • Sept. 30: You are Priceless             Isaiah 43:4
  • Oct. 1:       Stand Firm                        I Peter 5:9

Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tuesday! We will be learning about Farms and Frogs next week!

ReminderPicture Day is Tuesday!


Mrs. Nichole

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