What a week we had !!

Each day we plan our centers to help improve our skills in Math, Literacy, Fine and Gross motor, and Writing. I like to add in books and art projects to follow along with our weekly theme as well.

For the month of September our Letters are A & M, our numbers are 0,1,2,3, our color is red, and our shapes are oval & circle.

This weeks theme was focusing on A & M . I wanted to share with the kids all the different things that start with these letters. So, throughout the week we talked about acorns, ants, airplanes, and some more apples to discover the letter A. The kids made ant puppets and counted ” ants in their pants”. We laced acorn cards to work on fine motor and of course practiced some more letter writing.

For the letter M, we talked about, muffins, mermaids, monster trucks, the moon, moose and mustaches. We sponge painted some moons, read if you give a moose a muffin, and even got to eat some muffins!!