This week we wrapped up the month of September and finished up our Aa and Mm practice.

We read numerous books by the author Laura Numeroff this week and ended the week with a treat (mini muffins) to go along with one of the books we read. A few of the titles we read were: If you give a mouse a brownie, If you give a mouse a cookie, If you give a pig a party, If you give a dog a donut, and If you give a moose a muffin. We did a few activities with the last book mentioned with the moose. The students came up with something that they would like to give the moose to eat and also what kind/flavor/color of muffin they would like to eat and illustrate those two activities.

We did more practice cutting out the two shapes for the month, circles and ovals. Students seems to do better doing straight lines, so we will continue to practice cutting out round items. Along with the cutting activities, we also worked on writing our letters Aa and Mm. There were a few sheets that came home which the students were recognizing and writing our month letters.

To work on fine motor skills and math, we used kid tweezers and pom poms and picked them up and put the correct number into muffin tins. The students really seemed to enjoy this activity, which was good because using the tweezers is helping with the three finger grip we have been emphasizing a lot lately!

The month of October we will be adding more letters and numbers to the ones we started with in September. We will continue to review Aa and Mm along with our new ones.

Working on letter recognition (upper and lowercase) and numbers/counting are great things to do while waiting in line for drop off! The local dollar stores always have flash cards that could be used! Repetition is key!!!

If you have any questions you can always reach out to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to all the fun things we have planned for October!

Don’t forget, picture day for us is Tuesday!!! I am not planning anything messy with paints or markers to keep those clothes and faces clean for picture day! 🙂