Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page!

Welcome to our first class update for the school year!

We had a great first week of school!

Numbers and Letters:


Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:

Circle and Oval


Tues: Welcome to School

  • Today we had so much fun taking our first day of school pictures!
  • Then we made our first day of school handprints; it was so much fun!
  • We then talked out our first day jitters, we put our jitters in a jug and shook them away. Then we got to drink jitter juice to keep the jitters away!
  •  We hade so much fun meeting our new friends!

Wed: All About Me!

  • Today we talked about me and what makes me special!
  • We looked into mirrors today and drew pictures of what we looked like! This was fun!
  • Then we practiced our cutting skills by cutting snips, zig zags and circles out.
  • Finally we used peg boards to count to 10.

Thurs: Show N’ Share all about me page and my family

  • Today we talked about our families and we discussed our about me pages! I have learned so much about our families!
  • We used ink pads to make our thumb prints and then turned them into our families!
  • We then colored our sea turtle monthly coloring sheet and started a creative writing page about “when I grow up”
  • Finally we had fun with foam numbers! Using numbers 0-3 we used foam to make the numbers.


  • First Day Jitters 
  • I’m Me!
  • A friend like you!
  • This is my family!
  • My Friends
  • Hooray for You!


  • Sept. 8: Like Eagles Isaiah 40:31
  • Sept. 9: Forever and Ever Psalm 10:16
  • Sept. 10: Sea Creatures Genesis 1:20

Everyone had a fanstastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tuesday for Pete the Cat Week!


Mrs. Nichole