Hello families!! We had a wonderful first week. I want to thank you for sharing your kids with me ! During this first week we not only started new things academically but we also focused on getting back into a routine. For so many, we have been out of school for awhile or maybe this might even be their first year of school. So, we took it nice and slow and worked on getting familiar with each other, school, and the new procedures. Everyone did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to see how the year goes.

Each day we plan our centers to help improve our skills in Math, Literacy, Fine and Gross motor, and Writing. I like to add in books and art projects to follow along with our weekly theme as well.

For the month of September our Letters are A & M, our numbers are 0,1,2,3, our color is red, and our shapes are oval & circle.

This weeks theme was All About Me and Back to School. The kids shared their All About Me pages with the class and we made a few art projects involving the family that lives in their home. We focused a lot on name recognition and writing. The kids LOVED writing their name in sand and shaving cream! We threw a few math centers in as well. Showing the kids how to roll a dice and build a tower as tall as the number they rolled. Another favorite is using tangrams. It helps them with patterns and replicating a picture with shapes. We made shapes out of play doh using cookie cutters and  then rolled it out to turn it into numbers 0,1,2,3. We read books about our first day of school jitters, how to express our emotions, how we can all seem alike but our differences make us special, and we read all about a pigeon and his first day of school!


I hope the kids are enjoying our time together as much we are !!!!