We had a great second week of classes! The kids are starting to get down what a day is like in all-day pre-k! I am looking forward to an awesome third week of school!


On Tuesday, we talked all about astronauts! For start up, we colored an astronaut coloring page. Coloring is important for kids at this age. I read the book The Moon to them during circle time.  For centers, we put the correct amount of rocks on 10 frames based on the card we pulled, rolled out playdoh to make numbers 1-10, upper and lowercase rocket ABC matching, colored a rocket color by number, and did tanagram puzzles. For art, we painted a moon with foil to put on our astronaut art project.

On Wednesday, we talked about ants.  For start up, we traced and tried to write our numbers 1-20. During circle time, I read the books Ant Bully and  David Goes to School. During center time, we rolled dice and put that number of ants on a grass template, practiced cutting, traced the letters Aa, and laced with beads.  For art, we finished up our astronaut art project. For our second center time, we laced with ABCs, practiced patterning with bears and practiced tracing and writing our names.

On Thursday, we talked about the letter Aa with Ally alligator. For start up, we practiced tracing and writing our names. During center time, we copied a pattern with unifix cubes, rolled out playdoh to make our ABCs, wrote our names and colored our September monthly writing page, and q-tip painted Ally alligator.  For our second center time, we glued an Ally alligator project, built with Legos, sorted colors with snap cubes, and made numbers with Kinetic sand.

I will be sending home your child’s name in a sheet protector to practice tracing and learning to write their name.  Please try and practice this at night Monday-Thursday. It is very important for them to learn how to write their name by the time they enter kindergarten. These will go home sometime next week.

Again, if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi