Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

This week we finished up learning about the letter M and A.   We had a great time eating our muffins together and pretending we were on the moon!

Ask your child to show you how to make “Missy Mouse” for the letter M sound and “Ally Alligator” for the letter A sound.  We will be learning a hand movement to make each letter’s sound this year.

Centers This Week:

  • Filled numbered muffin tins up with pompoms
  • Letter “M” sound puzzle
  • Cut the letter “M” out to make a Moose
  • Used spoons to fill muffin tins up with water beads
  • Filled frames with “moon rocks”
  • Made moon craters out of play-doh and stamped lower case letters in them
  • Used our fingers to write letters in “moon sand”
  • Counted and threw “moon rocks” into a bucket
  • Sorted the letter “A” sound and letter “M” sound objects
  • Cut on ant trail lines
  • Picked plastic ants out of sand with tweezers
  • Practiced writing the lower case “a” and “m”

Books We Read:

  • If You Give A Moose A Muffin
  • Goodnight Moon
  • The Ant Bully

Next Week:

We will learn about the letter F with farm and frog themes


Please remember to bring in a water bottle.  We do go outside and we do not have a drinking fountain that the children can use.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Amanda