We had a great first week!  We spent the week learning how the pre-k day is run and getting to know each other. The kids did great! I am looking forward to an awesome year with your children!


On Tuesday, we talked about having “first day jitters”. We drank “jitter juice” (lemonade). I read the books, Jitter Book and Time for School Mouse. For start up at arrival, we colored a first day of school coloring page. In centers, we practiced tracing and writing our numbers, sorted # erasers by color, cut out ovals and circles, colored a “This is me ” coloring page and took first day of pre-k pictures, letter lacing, made numbers out of snap cubes, and talked about our feeling and how it was ok to be nervous on our first day. For art, we painted our hands for a first day of pre-k project.


On Wednesday, we talked and did activities with “Pete the Cat”. For start up, we colored a Pete the Cat coloring page. I read the book Rocking in My School Shoes. During center time, we put the corresponding number of buttons on Pete the Cat, practiced how to cut with a Pete the Cat cutting sheet, traced with Pete the Cat tracing sheet, and made towers out of snap cubes.  For art, as a whole class, we made a Pete the Cat face following directions and glueing project. They turned out so cute! We also practiced following directions by coloring a Pete the Cat color-by-number coloring sheet. All the kids did really well listening and following directions!


On Thursday, we spent the day talking about ourselves and getting to know one another! At start up, we practiced tracing/writing out names. I read the book We are All Alike, We are All Different. During center time, we rolled dice and made a tower with the number of what we rolled with unifix cubes, we made shapes out of cookie cutters with kinetic sand, we wrote out names and built them with letter erasers, and we drew our faces by looking in mirrors. For afternoon centers, we practiced spelling our names with name puzzles, traced/wrote our names and did tanagram puzzles. For art, we made “thumbprint families”.  I also called the kids up one by one and went over their All About Me pages that you turned in. I enjoyed learning more about your children and their families!


As you can see, our days are filled with many activities and we also got to have lunch in there and even enjoyed the nice weather and played outside!!!

Again, if you ever have and questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!!!


Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi