Weekof March 30

Mrs. Camie
Mrs. Camie’s

Good morning! Isn’t it nice to see the beautiful sunshine! The birds are chirping, my daffodils have started to bloom. Gods world is beautiful. I hope all of you are doing well and keeping busy. I think about all of you quite often, and would love to hear from you! I’m doing pretty good, doing some cleaning, trying to get outside and video chatting with my kids and my grandkids. Over the week I’ve come up with some ideas for you to do with the kids. Of course.. when this weather is so nice…. let them be kids and get them outside!! there’s so much to learn just being a kid playing outside!



Art ,math and language arts ideas!!!! : If you have plastic eggs out yet, you can always have an egg hunt! with the eggs you can put pennies or really anything for counting, inside the egg , once the egg is found, have the kids open them up, count the amount of items and do that many jumping jacks etc.. have them find that amount of more eggs. The sillier you are.. the more fun the kids will have! … if you have magazines or newspaper, have the kids practice their cutting and cut out the letters of their names, and glue them on paper! you can even give them three letter words to try to spell out. With the grocery ads. the kids can plan a shopping trip! tell the kids they have a certain amount of money to buy their groceries with.. have them pick out the items they want to “buy” and add the numbers together.

I hope these few ideas help! have a great weekend, stay well and safe. hug your child for me. take care !:)