April 11-14

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Numbers and Letters:

B, Y, K, Q,

19 and 20

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:


Mon: Wear Yellow

  • Today we colored our sea turtle picture.
  • Then we wrote our capital letter Y.
  • We then did a follow a directions activity. We colored circles Yellow, squares green, water blue and fish any color.
  • Finally wrote our name and colored a picture of spring.
Tues: Yarntastic “Y”
  • Today we cut out the letter Y and then we glued yarn to the letter Y.
  • Then we practiced writing lowercase letter Y.
  • We then did a search and find letter Y
  • Finally we did a color-cut-paste letter Y

Wed: Easter Party!

  • Today we celebrated Easter with our Friends.
  • Then we glued yarn onto our names.

Thurs: Y is for Yo Yo

  • Today did a Y is for Yo Yo coloring page
  • Then we covered our yarn names in foil and painted our names Yellow.
  • We then made a letter Y crown.
  • Finally we colored our monthly coloring sheet. (Name and colored a flower for spring.)


  • You are Enough
  • Incredible You
  • Be You.
  • Jellybean and the unbreakable egg
  • The best Easter egg ever!
  • The Easter Club


Mrs. Nichole

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