Letter Yy week. I have to be honest, this week is hard . It’s a struggle to find fun things to do with the letter Yy but I tried my best!!

Tuesday was Yy is for yarn! We decorated the letter Y with yarn and glue, we outlined our numbers 0-20 with yarn, and we used yarn to measure objects! We also traced our letter Yy’s and did a letter y beginning  sound cut and paste page.

Wednesday was all about the color yellow. We had lots of class participation on wearing yellow which was awesome! We also laced a yellow letter Yy with yarn to work on our fine motor muscles. We came up with all sorts of fun words that start with the letter Yy and made the yuh sound. For our sign language special we practiced our colors! Ask your kid to show you the colors they know. So many have picked up ASL so quickly!!! It’s super impressive.

Thursday we took a break from letter Yy and celebrated Easter! We read a book about the true meaning of Easter and even got an EXTRA special visit from the Easter bunny himself!! During our morning centers we made patterns with plastic easter eggs, and did some Easter scratch art. After lunch was their party and it was so nice to see you all that came out to help! I had so much fun playing and letting loose with the class. When the party was over we went back to the classroom and made some Easter bunny marble art. Then kept the fun going with some super cool Easter dance songs!!!

We had a great week together and I can’t believe how close we are to the end of the year! Next week we learn about the letter Kk!

The letter focus for the month of April  – B, Y,K and Q

The number focus for the month of April- 19 & 20

The shape for the month of April- octagon

The color focus for the month of April- Yellow