April 4-7

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Numbers and Letters:

B, Y, K, Q,

19 and 20

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:


Mon: Baseball

  • Today we practiced our numbers and Letters with baseballs and mits
  • Then we practice capital and lowercase letter Bb.
  • We then did a play doh letter b.
Tues: Basketball
  • Today we wore our basketball gear!
  • Then we played a basketball number game.
  • We then made a basket ball craft using coffee filters.

Wed: Graduation pictures and bumble bees

  • Today we took our graduation pictures!
  • The we made a bumble bee craft.

Thurs: 100th day of school and butterflies

  • Today we decorated 100 day glasses and a crown.
  • Then we made butterflies out of coffee filters
  • We then did a butterfly sequence page.
  • Finally we talked about where a butterfly would land.


  • The little butterfly that could
  • The amazing life cycle of butterflies
  • Bears in beds
  • There was an old lady who swallowed a birthday cake!
  • Five little bunnies hopping on a hill.
  • The crunching munching butterfly.

Don’t forget to wear yellow on Monday.


Mrs. Nichole

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