We learned all about the letter Bb this week.

Tuesday was B for bugs! We read books about bugs and their life cycles. Then for centers they got to build their own beehives following the directions on their cards. We matched upper and lowercase honeycomb letter and wrote our own letter Bb’s. In the afternoon we all did a butterfly directed drawing.

Wednesday was Bb for brown bear brown bear. Most of the class has heard this story before so we put our own twist on it. We did a creative writing page where they got to create their own animal in the story. They wrote down the animal and the color they wanted their special animal to be. We also played a brown bear brown bear characters memory game! For specials I taught the kids how to do all of the colors and animals in sign language.

Bb is for butterfly was Thursday theme . We talked and learned about the butterfly life cycle and soon they will get to watch it first hand! After our talk they got to sequence the butterfly life cycle in the correct order based on their memory of our conversation! We also matched butterfly wings with upper and lower case letter and made a super special butterfly craft.

The class was also excited to share their Flat Stanley’s adventures from over spring break. It was so neat to see all the exciting things they got to do!

Next up is letter Yy week!! Have a wonderful weekend!


The letter focus for the month of April  – B, Y,K and Q

The number focus for the month of April- 19 & 20

The shape for the month of April- octagon

The color focus for the month of April- Yellow