Week of October 4th-6th


This week we learned about the letter F! Tuesday's theme was Fantastic Frog Day. We started the day coloring a frog. For morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lower case F's and found all

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Week of October 3rd


Mrs. Kelli's Preschool Classroom   This week we focused on the letter O & the color orange   This weeks devotions: "The Best Kind of Friend"- 1 Cor 13:5 " A Big Boost"- 1 Cor

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Week of Sept. 27-Sept. 29


This week we focused on the letter Mm. We talked about the sound the letter Mm makes and words that start with the letter Mm. We came up with, as a class, monkey, muffin, moose,

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Week of September 27th-29th


Happy last week of September! Wow I cannot believe it has been four weeks already! This week we learned about the letter "M." Tuesday's theme was "If you give a Moose a Muffin." For morning

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September 27-29


The marvelous letter Mm! Tuesday was Mm for muffin. These centers were mostly based off the book, If you give a moose a muffin. We used muffins with pictures on them to practice rhyming, muffin

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Week of Sept 27-29


Hi Parents, We had a great week with the letter M! Here's a snapshot.... On Tuesday our theme was If you give a moose a muffin. In centers the kids counted beads into muffin tins

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Week of Sept. 26th – 29th


We had a fun week doing lots of Pete the Cat activities and reading Pete stories! We reviewed the letters Aa and Mm; quiz your child if they know the sounds for Aa and Mm!

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Sept 26-29


Hello! We had another great week! The chill of fall is definitely in the air! Mon/Tuesday we focused on the color Red. We read the book “Red” and practiced writing our name. In our centers

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Week of Sept 19-22


Hello! It’s been a great week! We had fun learning about our classmates and working on numbers 0 and 1! M/T we learned about our friends and shared the All About Me papers we made

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Week of September 19th – 22nd


We had a fun week covering the letter Mm and incorporating our centers into our daily themes! We can see the students are starting to grasp our routines and daily schedule, which makes the day

Week of September 19th – 22nd2022-09-25T09:21:56-05:00
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