Nov 29- Dec 1


We had an extra week in November so we used it as a review! We also got a jump start on our Christmas festivities . Don’t spoil the surprise but we can’t wait for you

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November 15-17


Letter Tt week!! We had a terrific week. Tuesday was Turkey Tuesday! We enjoyed lots of Turkey centers including, Turkey beginning sound match ups, some letter Tt writing and added in some number 10 recognition

November 15-172022-11-20T14:32:06-06:00

Week of November 8-10


This week was Z week. On Tuesday, our theme was Zoo Day. For morning work, we colored a picture of the zoo. We also celebrated Vince's birthday. Happy 5th birthday! In morning centers, we wrote

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October 25-27


The phenomenal letter Pp   Pretend pizza party! The kids loved this. We got to use “recipe cards” to figure out how many of each topping was needed for their pizza. We cut up a

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Week of October 25th-27th


We learned about the letter P week. Tuesday was pretend pizza party day. We started the day coloring a P the colors pink and purple. In morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lower case

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October 11-13


Rr is for …. Robots and rectangles. Tuesday we had so much fun learning all about the letter Rr using robots and rectangles. We had rhyming robots that the kids had to match up, robot

October 11-132022-10-16T19:07:38-05:00

Week of October 3-6


We had a great week! We worked on the letter O and had fun with the color orange! Mon/Tuesday was all about the letter O! Our story was Owls Day Out and we crafted an

Week of October 3-62022-10-09T15:59:19-05:00

Week of Oct. 4-Oct. 6


This week we focused on the letter Ff. We talked about the sound the letter Ff makes and words that start with Ff. We came up with frog, farm, fox, four, five and flower. On

Week of Oct. 4-Oct. 62022-10-09T15:58:49-05:00

Week of Oct. 3rd – 6th


This week we had fun with the letter Rr and all the daily themes! Monday – We made our plate rainbows and had fun learning the colors of the rainbow and order, while also working

Week of Oct. 3rd – 6th2022-10-09T15:58:22-05:00

Week of Oct 4-6


Hi Parents, We had a great week with the letter F! Here's a snap shot.. On Tuesday our theme was Frogs. In centers the kids spun a spinner and jumped a plastic jumpy frog on

Week of Oct 4-62022-10-09T15:57:55-05:00
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