Week of Sept. 25th – 28th


All week we had different centers and activities that were based on Pete the Cat. We had lots of Pete stories also! This was a short week with our first field trip on Thursday to

Week of Sept. 25th – 28th2023-09-27T15:54:13-05:00

Week of Sept. 18th – 21st


This week we covered the letter Mm and did some fun activities and the students’ favorite, another snack this week! Monday: Monster Monday – Students found their seat by their names in their practice writing

Week of Sept. 18th – 21st2023-09-20T20:52:32-05:00

Week of Sept. 11th – 14th


We made it through our first normal week! There were lots of good things that happened this week, we got into our daily routine, navigated through our centers well, ate a little snack and got

Week of Sept. 11th – 14th2023-09-14T20:54:49-05:00

Week of Sept. 5th – 8th


Welcome to Mrs. Aimee’s ½ day Pre-K Class!!! I was excited to meet and see everyone again this week and already have learned a lot about all the students!!! I am looking forward to having

Week of Sept. 5th – 8th2023-09-08T15:33:24-05:00

Week of May 15th – 18th


HOLY COW IT WAS OUR LAST WEEK TOGETHER! We had a good time ending out the year together. We reviewed some things, had three graduation practices and ended with a fun field day outside with

Week of May 15th – 18th2023-05-18T15:54:27-05:00

Week of May 8th – 11th


HoLy CoW! Only one more week together and then graduation day!!! After spring break the school year always seems to fly by! We had a good week reviewing a lot of our letters again. Monday:

Week of May 8th – 11th2023-05-11T15:58:39-05:00

Week of May 1st – 4th


It’s our final month together and we are to the point where we are reviewing everything, we have learned this year! We did letters this week and next and then end with numbers and shapes

Week of May 1st – 4th2023-05-04T15:44:52-05:00

Week of April 24th – 27th


Crazy how the month of April is about over, and we finished covering all our letters and numbers! AHHHH, that means we are almost done with the school year! Graduation is near and we will

Week of April 24th – 27th2023-04-27T15:42:37-05:00

Week of April 17th – 20th


This week we covered our 25th letter, only one left next week and we went through the entire alphabet! Crazy to think one more week and then it is May already! This year has gone

Week of April 17th – 20th2023-04-20T15:49:06-05:00

Week of April 10th – 13th


We had a great week especially with the warmer weather and getting to get outside for big room time! Please be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for all the upcoming dates or

Week of April 10th – 13th2023-04-13T15:42:57-05:00
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