Hello! I hope you all had a great week!

We worked on the letters D and H this week!

Mon/Tuesday we focused on the letter D. We made Dino prints with paint stamps. We read Titus’ Torturous Tooth and learned a lot about dental health as well.

In our centers we colored the D ABC page, using Fanta boards put color pegs on a dinosaur, rolled a dice and erased numbers on a mouth full of teeth with a toothbrush, practiced flossing with play doh, a Lego, and floss, played a crocodile game-taking turns to push down teeth before the mouth closes.

On Wed/Thursday we worked on H and the Heart shape. We made a Valentine to give to a loved one and read Pete the Cat Valentines Day is Cool.

In our centers we colored our H ABC page, put hearts on the letter H. Cutting practice on a face for a Haircut, made hearts in playdoh, practiced counting using a counting mat and tiny heart manipulatives.

Next week we have our Valentine Parties. We have 10 kids in each class. The kids can bring in cards or treats as long as it’s packaged to go home. We will provide a sugar cookie for the kids to decorate with frosting and sprinkles and then eat at school.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday/Tuesday!

Mrs. Kristina