Welcome to Mrs. Brenda’s Class!

This week we had fun with the letter H! The theme was Home Sweet Home, so we did some fun home themed activities. We started a new month and our new shape is a heart, new colors are purple and pink, and new numbers are 15 and 16. We started the morning with our Groundhog Day predictions. We were hoping for an early Spring! In centers, we practiced our phone numbers with paper plate numbers on the door. They loved dialing their mom’s phone numbers! We made houses with popsicle sticks and practiced writing the letter H. We did some cutting practice and found words that begin with letter H. In the afternoon, we practiced writing our full names, addresses, and phone numbers. We made ten frames using small heart erasers and practiced our phone numbers again using clothespins. They really enjoyed this! At the end of the day, we finished up our xylophones from last week.
Wednesday was hat and hair day and it was an e learning day. The kids watched videos of me during Circle time with them and I hope they enjoyed watching the morning song and pledge with the cute little turtle. They also listened to our months of the year and days of the week songs. I hope they had fun dancing and singing along! The groundhog did see his shadow so that means 6 more weeks of winter. For letters practice, the kids found the matching letters and found the beginning letters to some pictures. For numbers practice, they counted hearts for each number and found the correct numbers for some more counting fun! Hopefully they had fun decorating their hats. I can’t wait to see these so please bring them into school on Tuesday! They also practiced cutting with different zig zags/ hair styles. For specials, I hope they enjoyed the Spanish colors song and numbers song. For Math, they got some exercise while they counted to 100. Sign language alphabet was next and then was phonics where they found beginning sounds and watched a video learning letter sounds. I hope they enjoyed the snow day!
Thursday was happy hearts day! We had another e learning day and started the day with circle time. Learning calendar, weather, and letter of the week is always fun to start the day, along with their hello song and the pledge. Keep practicing your months and days of the week with our fun songs! They put numbers in order to make groundhog pictures. For letters practice, they matched upper and lower case letters and learned about the letter of the week, which is H. For numbers practice, they counted using ten frames and tracing numbers. They even had some shape fun that was winter themed, perfect for the snow day! They found the correct color heart for some color practice and found the pictures with the beginning sounds for phonics. I hope they had fun cutting and gluing the number hearts for some counting practice. I can’t wait to see the hearts the kids decorated for happy hearts day. Please bring them to school on Tuesday! Last but not least, is story time with a book about it raining hearts and I hope you all had fun playing in the snow! See you next week!