Hello families!! This week we learned all about the letter Vv. It is an unexpected short week but we made the most of the two days we had!

Tuesday we were still celebrating Valentine’s Day. We practiced writing our letter v, did some valentines math using tens frames, and strengthened our hand muscles using hole punches on hearts! We read about Victor the Viper and his friends to learn about the sound the letter V makes !

Wednesday was our valentine party ! We made all sorts of crafts, had a snack, and played some games. The kids got to shoot “Cupid’s arrows” on to a tarp. They each got a straw and Qtips and got to see how good their aim was! Thank you to my parents that donated the goodies for our m&m and pretzel snack. Also, the kids came home with their goodie bags. These kids got so many amazing treats, thank you all for sharing the love!

Since we aren’t in school on Thursday, I uploaded assignments to our google classroom:) . Today was V for veggies so I tried to find things they can do at home . Hopefully when this snow hits everyone stays warm and safe !

I look forward to see you all next week . Have a wonderful weekend !


The letter focus for the month of February – H, L, V, and D

The number focus for the month of February- 15 & 16

The shape for the month of February- Heart

The color focus for the month of February- Pink & Purple