This week we learned all about the letter Ll.

Tuesday was Ll for lovebugs. We counted lady bug spots, created love bugs with the letters of our names, practiced our letter Ll writing and matched up hearts with upper and lowercase letters and their beginning sounds.
Wednesday we had so much fun with the letter Ll using lollipops and doing the limbo. I had cups with numbers 5-15 on them and they had to count out that many lollipops. Then during big room we brought out the jump ropes and taught them the limbo!! I learned really quick I am not as flexible as I used to be 😂

Thursday we wrote love letters! These will be coming home on Wednesday ( I know it’s after Valentine’s Day). We also had letters inside a mailbox! They had to pick a letter out of the mailbox and trace it on their papers. The children also got to write letters to the incoming students of ABC. They got to tell me their favorite thing to do at school and then draw a picture to show the new kiddos what they can look forward too.

It was a great week and I can’t wait to have so much valentines fun next week 🙂