Mrs. Colleen’s Classroom

We had a great week with letter S! Here is a snap shot of our week:

Tuesday (Sneezy the Snowman):

  • We practiced writing letter S.
  • “Made” snowmen by matching a number with the ten frame and then the tallies.
  • Used our cutting skills to complete a snowman shape match. The students cut out the shaped snowman head and glued it to the matching shape body. This was a difficult cutting activity!
  • Made our own snowflakes using rubber bands and geoboards. The students loved this activity!
  • Completed a snowman matching activity. The students matched pictures with the beginning sound letter
  • Made winter pictures using pom poms.

Wednesday (Sports Day):

  • We practiced writing letters S and W.
  • Made upper and lowercase letter out of play dough!
  • Made patterns out of different colored shoes!
  • Used push pins to create either a snowman or a penguin. The students did great!
  • We had specials in the afternoon. The students rotate to all of the all-day teachers for phonics, Spanish, math/science, and sign language. It is amazing to see all they have learned during these sessions this year!

Thursday (Superhero Day):

  • We practice writing teen numbers and letters on light up boards. These boards have become a favorite!
  • Completed a creative writing “My snowman melted because…” The students had some creative ideas!
  • Made a superhero graphs.
  • Cut and decorated our own superhero masks! Everyone was able to wear these home!
  • In art, we made melted snowmen!
  • We also completed a cutting page and the students had to correctly sequence how to make a snowman.


Please remember to pack water bottles each day.

Please, please make sure your child goes to the bathroom before you leave for school.  We do not have our first bathroom break until 9:30.  We do cover a lot during those 30 minutes and I hate to have them miss that instruction.

If you need to get in touch with me please send me an email or call the school 219-365-5735. You can also send me a text at 708-275-8924.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Colleen