This week we celebrated the letter Ii!

Tuesday we had an igloo day. We counted ice cubes and recreated our own igloos using the same number of cubes. We wrote out letter Ii and even worked on our rhyming! We also did an igloo craft 😊

Wednesday was indoor ice skating! The kids got to indoor ice skate during big room and we laced ice skates to work on fine motor. In the afternoon we had specials also!

Thursday I think was the biggest hit of them all. It was ICE CREAM DAY!!!! So of course we had to eat some ice cream. They got to pick what color sprinkles they wAnted and if they chocolate syrup! During centers we matched ice cream with their cones based on the beginning letter sounds and I must say, they did an awesome job!!

The letter focus for the month of January – W, S, I, and x

The number focus for the month of January- 13 & 14

The shape for the month of January- star

The color focus for the month of January- black and white