Mrs. Brenda’s Classroom

We had a great week with letter X! Here is a snap shot of our week:

Tuesday (X marks the spot):

  • We practiced writing letter X.
  • Matched uppercase and lowercase letters in a treasure map.
  • Practiced adding with a treasure chest and gold coins! 
  • We assembled the igloo art project that we started last week. All the kids did a great job and those are hanging in the hall for everyone to see! 
  • Started making xylophones as a cutting project.
  • Used cookie cutters and kinetic sand to make shapes.
  • Practiced making patterns with different color links.
  • Used toilet paper holders to find items on a treasure map! We searched around the big room to find all of the items! 

Wednesday (X-Rays):

  • We completed a letter X cutting page. This page has writing practice, cutting practice, and we talk about letter sounds!
  • We sorted bones! The bones had uppercase and lowercase letters, so the students found and matched those. Another set of bones had teen numbers and tallies. The students found the matching bones for those as well.
  • The students counted bones (Q-tips).
  • We matched animal x-rays to the appropriate animal. The students used magnifying glasses to be able to see all the cool details!
  • The students put together a life size skeleton like a puzzle together too!
  • We had specials in the afternoon. The students rotate to all of the all-day teachers for phonics, Spanish, math/science, and sign language. It is amazing to see all they have learned during these sessions this year!

Thursday (Words that end with “X”):

  • We practiced our last names by tracing and constructing last names with magnetic letters!
  • Read the book “Not a Box” and then completed a creative writing activity where students were able to pick what their box could be. The answers were very creative!
  • Counted and then constructed igloos out of fake ice cubes.
  • Made shapes out of floam. 
  • In art, we made our own X-rays. The students traced their hands and used Q-tips to represent their bones. We also painted snow in art on Thursday! The students used water colors to paint the snow.
  • We made our own treasure maps at the end of the day. Those were sent home to enjoy!


Please remember to pack water bottles each day.

Please, please make sure your child goes to the bathroom before you leave for school.  We do not have our first bathroom break until 9:30.  We do cover a lot during those 30 minutes and I hate to have them miss that instruction.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Brenda