For the last week in January we learned about the letter Xx. This is a hard letter to find themes for so we did our best 🙂

Tuesday we were pirates and followed the treasure map to Xx marks the spot! We practiced some fine motor skills with pirate cutting, created our very own treasure maps, practiced writing the letter Xx, and using gold coins to help with our letter recognition and writing. Part of making their treasure maps entailed going on a treasure hunt to find all the pieces! Each kid got to decorate their spy glass to help them on their hunt.

Wednesday was X-ray day! I had X-rays that they got to look at with magnifying glasses and match them to the animal. We did some tally mark math with Qtips as bones and a dot to dot X-ray fish for number recognition.

Thursday we talked about words that end in Xx. So we worked on some rhyming as well. They got to use those hand muscles and make words out of playdoh, and use their imagine for a creative writing page. We read a book called “ Not a box” and they transformed their box into whatever they wanted . We had some unicorns, race cars, and a few boats. I love seeing their imaginations at work!

The letter focus for the month of January – W, S, I, and x

The number focus for the month of January- 13 & 14

The shape for the month of January- star

The color focus for the month of January- black and white