Mrs. Brandi’s Classroom

Welcome back from break! I loved hearing about everyone’s Christmas and all the fun they had over break. Here is a snap shot of our week:


  • We practiced writing letter W.
  • Completed a letter W cut page and talked about words that start with W. I am happy to see the improving cutting skills!
  • Practiced putting the numbers 1-20 in number order.
  • Matched mittens with numbers and dots.
  • Used a hole punch to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Those hole punchers are a great way to strengthen hand muscles!
  • Completed a write the room activity. The kids wrote different words that were with a picture about emotions. We then talked about being happy, sad, mad, etc. The kids loved this activity so we will be doing more write the room activities in the future.


  • We practiced writing letters and teen numbers in the snow (salt).
  • Completed a creative writing where each student chose what they would put in a big mitten. The answers were awesome and so was their handwriting!
  • We used play dough to make shapes!
  • We completed a monthly name writing and coloring page.
  • We made “hot chocolate” by picking up a number card and counting that many marshmallows into a cup.
  • The students completed a teacher directed drawing of a penguin. These turned out awesome!


  • We practice writing teen numbers and letters on light up boards. These boards have become a favorite!
  • Completed a Letter W maze by coloring in all the letter W’s.
  • Loved playing in a winter sensory bin with all kinds of winter animals.
  • Used our cutting skills to make watermelons out of W’s!
  • In art, we made polar bears by tracing our hands. Every bear is special and unique!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Brandi