Hi Parents,

We had such a fun week with Dr. Seuss!! We read so many books and did so many fun Dr. Seuss centers. Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday we read The Cat In The Hat and most of the centers had that theme. The kids counted Dr. Seuss objects and clipped clothes pins on the correct number, they did a Dr. Seuss upper and lowercase letter match, and they stacked red cups with white paper in between, making The Cat’s hat. They also made Thing 1 by blowing blue paint with a straw to make his crazy hair. In the afternoon the kids built with Dr. Seuss round stem builders, scooped water beads, and cut and glued a Dr. Seuss rhyming word worksheet. The kids ended the day by writing letters to upcoming ABC students, which we do every year. They write what their favorite thing about school is and then draw a picture. Lunch and recess are very popular items that they write about!   🙂

On Wednesday we read There’s A Wocket In My Pocket. In centers the kids measured their shoe with 4 different items (blocks, paper clips, coins and crayons) and wrote the numbers, they drew their own Wocket and colored it, and they named their Wocket whatever they wanted and then placed it in a pocket that was glued on to their creative writing sheet. They also put together 5 different Dr. Seuss puzzles. In the afternoon the kids rotated through Spanish, sign language, math and phonics for specials. We ended the day by doing an activity from the book about what was silly from the book and what was real. The kids tucked the different pictures into pockets on the board marked ‘silly’ or ‘real.’

On Thursday our theme was Green Eggs And Ham. Our class ate green eggs and ham in the morning along with the preschoolers. Some gave it a thumbs up and some didn’t! It’s always fun to see their reactions. In the afternoon the kids finished measuring their shoe, cut and glued to finish a Dr. Seuss pattern, and did a creative writing page thinking of words that start with the first letter of their name and then drawing pictures of them. They also colored their green eggs and ham and glued them on a plate. I took their polaroid picture of the thumbs up or thumbs down to glue on the plate as well. Some of them had hilarious faces! (That’s one of my favorite green eggs and ham activities). We ended the day by playing the pencil game. Ask your kids how to play, it’s really simple but so fun!

Next week we will talk about the letter ‘Uu.’ Looking forward to it!

Take Care,