Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter ‘Uu!’ Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was under water. In centers the kids did some under water adding, made numbers with shells, and painted under the table! In the afternoon the kids, used shells and under water creatures in kinetic sand, they made sea creatures with pattern blocks, and did shape graphing on a fish. We ended the day by voting on our favorite under water creature (between a jelly fish, dolphin, sea turtle, and star fish) and then practiced writing tally marks based on the votes. The dolphin was the clear favorite! I also sent home the fun art project we made with the plastic pouches and the flashlight. They had to draw their own under water scene. This is one of my favorite projects, they always turn out great!

On Wednesday our theme was ‘A Great Day for Up’ and we read the book during circle time in the morning. In centers the kids placed rain drops under umbrellas with numbers on them, they played a beginning letter sound game, and put buttons on pipe cleaner hair that was sticking up. In the afternoon the kids rotated through spanish, sign language, phonics, and math for specials. We ended the day with coloring and name writing.

On Thursday our theme was Umbrellas and Unicorns. I was out for a doctor’s appointment, but Mrs. Laura taught for me. In centers the kids filled in unicorn 10 frames with squishy toys, made an umbrella with the letter U and wrote their names on rain drops, and played a unicorn emotions game. In the afternoon the kids did a count the room activity (they had to find the picture of the objects on their sheet of paper and count how many there were and then write the number) and played a game. They ended the day with art and painted a picture of a balloon with balloons. The kids loved it!

Next week is our last week before spring break, which I can’t even believe! We are talking about the letter ‘Gg.’ Looking forward to it!

Take Care,